Monday, February 1, 2010

Dragon Quest VI : Realms of Reverie

The latest Square-Enix game for the Nintendo DS hit stores in Japan on Thursday the 28th of January. Within the first 4 days of its release, it already sold about 900,000 copies in Japan alone, beating out the DQ 4 and 5 remakes in sales for its first days (600,000 for DQIV and 679,00 for DQV). It has already passed the 1 million sales mark but has not yet been confirmed.

This is the first time they remake DQ6 on any other platform after its initial release on the SNES. When it first came out, it sold for a whopping 11,970 yen (about $100). Despite the huge price tag, Dragon Quest VI has sold 3.2 million copies in Japan, becoming the best selling game of 1995.

Here's a quick little synopsis on the game for those of you that are interested :

Like most Dragon Quest games in the series, the setting of Dragon Quest VI is very medieval, complete with castles, knights, and magic. The main world is divided into the "Real World" and the "Dream World". To get from one world to the other, the party uses special warps by ascending/descending stairs on the world map or falling through holes in the "Dream World" to the "Real World". It appeals a lot to the dreamers out there that like solid story lines.

The Battle System may be a bit outdated (Pretty much like any other DQ game) but if you appreciate games for the depth and story, you'll most likely enjoy DQVI. Keep an eye out for a North American release date in the near future.